B435-1002 Gun Control Units

Butler National Corporation has designed its control systems using its legacy and proprietary control logic. With safety and reliability as a focus, the Butler National Control Logic derives from over 25 years of rigorous analysis, testing, and unique design philosophy from commercial control systems.

The generic Commercial-Off-The-Shelf design provides a very reliable and cost-effective solution for control of weapons systems.

Butler Nationals engineers employ technical expertise to produce environmentally robust designs, from equipment to cabling and accessories.

Applications Include:

B435-1002-3Mk44 / GAU-23 (30x173mm)
B435-1002-4M242 / Mk38 (25x137mm) and Mk44 (30x173mm)
B435-1002-5M242 / Mk38 (25x137mm) and Mk44 (30x173mm)
B435-1002-8M242 / Mk38 (25x137mm) and Mk44 (30x173mm)
  • Fully Qualified to MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461
  • COTS design makes it highly adaptable capable of operating with all system protocols
  • BNC Proprietary Full Digital Control
  • Dual Feed Capability
  • Hang-Fire Protection
  • Jam Protection
  • Built-In-Test (BIT) identifies any operational problems, initiates gun-safe procedures, and reports faults through established error-code format