Butler National
Business Structure

Butler National Corporation was established in 1960 through the merger of an aviation research firm and the National Connector Corporation. Butler National operates in the Aerospace and Professional Services (Gaming) business segments.

The Aerospace segment develops performance enhancing aircraft modifications, special mission and regulatory-driven aircraft solutions. The aerospace business provides systems integration, engineering, manufacturing, installation, service, overhaul and repair of aircraft and aircraft-related products.

Professional Services provides professional management services in the gaming industry through Butler National Service Corporation (“BNSC”) and BHCMC, LLC (“BHCMC”). This segment also offers professional management support services through Butler Temporary Services.

Aerospace Products:

The aviation-related products that the Aerospace segment designs, engineers, manufactures, integrates, installs, repairs, and services include:

  • Aerial Surveillance Products
  • Aerodynamic Enhancement Products
  • Standby Instrument Systems
  • Avcon Stability-Enhancing Fins
  • ADS-B (Transponder) Systems
  • Cargo/Sensor-Carrying Pods and Radomes
  • Electronic Navigation Instruments, Radios, and Transponders
  • GARMIN GTN Global Position System Navigator with Communication Transceiver
  • J.E.T. Autopilot Products
  • Electrical Systems & Switching Equipment
  • Rate Gyroscopes
  • Replacement Vertical Accelerometers
  • Provisions to allow carrying of External Stores
  • Attitude & Heading Reference Systems

Aerospace Modifications:

The companies in Aerospace Products have authority to build required parts and subassemblies to make applicable installations. Companies in Aerospace Products perform modifications in the aviation industry including:

  • Aerial Photography Capabilities
  • Aerodynamic Improvements
  • Avionics Systems
  • Cargo Doors
  • Extended Nose and Wing-Tip Bays
  • Extended Doors
  • Extended tip fuel tanks
  • Radar systems
  • ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance)
  • Special Mission Modifications
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems

Special Mission Electronics

  • Cabling
  • Electronic Control Systems
  • Hangfire Override Modules
  • Test Equipment
  • Gun Control Units for Apache and Blackhawk Helicopters
  • Gun Control Units for Land- and Sea-Based Military Vehicles

Professional Services (Boot Hill Casino)

Butler National Service Corporation (“BNSC”), and BHCMC, LLC (“BHCMC”), companies in Professional Services, manage The Boot Hill Casino and Resort in Dodge City, Kansas (“Boot Hill”) pursuant to the Lottery Gaming Facility Management Contract, by and among BNSC, BHCMC and the Kansas Lottery, as subsequently amended (“Boot Hill Agreement”). As required by Kansas law, all games, gaming equipment and gaming operations, including sports wagering, at Boot Hill are owned and operated by the Kansas Lottery. On September 1, 2022, sports wagering became legal in the State of Kansas. The Company entered into a platform provider contract with DraftKings for interactive/mobile sports wagering. In addition to an online platform, the Company also opened a physical DraftKings branded sports book in the Boot Hill Casino & Resort in March of 2023 and now features a permanent DraftKings branded sports book at Boot Hill that opened on February 28, 2023.


Butler National Corporation formed in 1960 with the merger of an aviation research firm, owned by the Butler family, and the National Connector Corporation.

During the next 10 years, the company went on to develop additional aviation systems, including a ground-based Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) system and an avionic switching unit used in McDonnell Douglas commercial aircraft. Butler National received FAA STC approval of the Butler National Transient Suppression Device (TSD), an aircraft fuel-system protection device, on Boeing 747 Classic aircraft in 2000 and Boeing 737 Classic aircraft in 2003.

Butler National’s presence in the aerospace industry ultimately expanded into the design, manufacture, and installation of aircraft modifications. These include FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) STC-approved modifications that install aerial photography provisions, aerodynamic enhancements, mapping provisions, baggage / cargo capabilities, and other special mission modifications. Today, our design and certification engineers provide cost-effective solutions for customers around the globe.