Commercial & Defense Electronics

Butler National Corporation, a Nebraska corporation (Tempe, AZ) designs, fabricates and supplies commercial and defense electronics products for airlines, OEMs, contractors, and government agencies.

About Butler National – Tempe

Butler National Tempe manufactures, integrates and supports commercial Butler-designed control systems, ordnance related products and commercial aviation / avionics products.

Butler-Tempe specializes in manufacturing gun control equipment, gun simulators and related custom test equipment, rapid integration weapon-control systems, aircraft fuel tank safety solutions, and ruggedized system / weapon / instrument cabling solutions.

Butler National Tempe produces Gun Control Units (GCUs) for Northrop Grumman (formerly ATK) Bushmaster Chain Guns®, 7.62 MM through 50MM. Butler National has supplied its proprietary logic system for weapon controls for US Army Special Operation Forces. Other Butler National offerings include rapid-integration weapon control systems that convert multi-use helicopters into helicopter gunships in under one hour.

Butler National Tempe takes great pride in customer service. Butler National Tempe offerings include low-production, highly complex products that are inefficient projects for larger corporations. Butler National manufacturing ranges from custom proprietary products and sensors for Butler affiliates to build-to-print military electronics and controls. Personalized customer contact is key to Butler National success and customer satisfaction. Butler National has flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness with superior quality.

All phases of the production process are managed in Butler National facilities. From idea, to circuit board, to component selection, procurement and assembly – Butler National-Tempe maintains complete product integrity. BNC Tempe is ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100D Certified (5969, Registrar: EAGLE Certification Group).


  • Controls
  • Gun Controllers
  • Test Equipment
  • Fire Control Panels
  • Environmentally Ruggedized Cabling (EMC Protected)



Contact Information

Our office is located at 4654 South Ash Avenue, Tempe AZ, approximately 15 minutes from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100D Certificate #5969

BNC Tempe supplies the Gun Control Units, ruggedized cabling, test equipment and related items for many applications.