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Founded in 1969 as Kings Avionics, Butler Avionics is an FAA Certified Repair Station (CRS# TF2R185L) with over 50 years of history. The Butler Avionics team includes experienced technicians and pilot knowledgeable staff. (EASA.145.6557) Butler Avionics has FAA Parts Manufacturing Authority (PMA). Butler Avionics services all aircraft types and customers around the world from our facility at the New Century AirCenter (KIXD) facility in New Century, Kansas.

About Butler Avionics

Butler Avionics is an EASA and FAA certified repair station located at the New Century (KIXD) Airport near Kansas City.

Butler Avionics provides manufacture, integration, installation, service and sale of avionics equipment and systems. Butler Avionics offers engineering, build-to-print manufacturing and repair services. Butler Avionics specializes in cost-effective, FAA STC-approved solutions for regulatory mandates.

The Butler Avionics team of pilots and specialists includes technicians with over 40 years of experience. Butler Avionics has received a number of significant industry awards including six Garmin Gold Awards for Performance Excellence, two Best of New Century Airport awards, and the Kansas Meritorious Business of the Year Award.


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King Air in the early morning, silhouetted.


Butler Avionics is an authorized installation center for Garmin, Collins, JET Autopilot (Learjet) products, Avidyne, and Aspen Avionics. Butler Avionics installations include state-of-the-art equipment to sophisticated proprietary sensors.

  • Custom Installations
  • STC Capabilities
  • Affiliate DERs
  • Turnkey Design – Integration – Installation
  • Staffed Technicians and Instrument Specialists

Butler Avionics focuses on King Air and Learjet aircraft.

Repair & Overhaul

Butler Avionics repairs and overhauls avionics and instruments.

  • FAA CRS# TF2R185L
  • EASA.145.6557
  • Radio – Class 1, 2, 3
  • Instrument – Class 1, 2, 3
  • Limited Airframe
  • Limited Accessory
  • Parts Manufacturing Authority
Learjet 60 being towed out of the hangar.
King Air at the New Century / KIXD facility.

STC Approvals / Manufacturing & Certification

Butler Avionics has FAA STC approvals for the installation of TCAS, AHRS, and GTN navigation systems for Learjets, in addition to other solutions for both Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft. Butler Avionics has capabilities to obtain cost-effective STC solutions to satisfy regulatory and market-driven demand.

We receive requests for STC approvals from end-users and OEMs, both with unique interests in solving aircraft avionics opportunities. Butler Avionics supports STC installations with PMA (Parts Manufacturing Authority). We also build replacement parts for obsolete components. Butler Avionics has both custom engineering and build-to-print capabilities.

Learjets & J.E.T. Products

Butler Avionics has FAA approved STC installations for Learjet model 60 AHRS replacement, Learjet 30 series TCAS II, Learjet 20 and 30 series ADS-B, Learjet 30 series GTN Navigator installations and upgrades for displays.

Butler Avionics acquired the legacy Learjet “JET” related autopilot products, and provides support for Learjet airplanes. Butler Avionics is the “go-to” facility for JET autopilot troubleshooting, overhaul and repair.

Butler National Corporation acquired the rights to the JET autopilot-related products, Nose Wheel Steering Products and Fuel Flow Control Boards consistent with its policy to support of legacy Learjet airplanes.

Two Learjets sitting outside the Butler Avionics hangar.

KIXD Facility:
One Aero Plaza – New Century, KS