M230-LF / XM914 GCUs

Butler National Corporation has designed its control systems using its legacy and proprietary control logic. With safety and reliability as a focus, the Butler National Control Logic derives from over 25 years of rigorous analysis, testing, and unique design philosophy.

While one application for this control logic is the M230LF/XM914 Gun Controls, the generic Commercial-Off-The-Shelf design has applications for control systems for other weapons systems.

Butler National engineering employs its expertise to produce environmentally robust designs, from equipment to cabling and accessories.


B230-5634M230LF and M230LF-PP Chain Gun® (30x113mm)
B914-5634XM914 (30x113mm)
  • Fully Qualified to MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461
  • Capable of operating with all system protocols
  • The M230-LF GCU provides Full Digital Control, Hang-Fire Protection, Jam Protection, and Hot-Gun Monitoring
  • Built-In-Test (BIT) identifies any operational problems, initiates gun-safe procedures, and reports faults through an established error-code format.