FC-200 Automatic Flight Control System

Butler National now possesses manufacturing and repair rights for the legacy Learjet Autopilots.

The former “JET” FC-200 Automatic Flight Control System consists of several components, including:

  • AC-200 Autopilot Controller (pictured above)
  • Autopilot Electrical Box
  • CA-200 Computer Amplifier
  • SA-200 Servo Actuator (Pitch)
  • SA-200 Servo Actuator (Roll)
  • FU-372 Position Sensor (Roll & Yaw)
  • GL-100 “G” Limiter
  • IA-201 Interface Adapter
  • Air Data Sensors
  • Control Switches
  • Flight Director
  • VG-206 Displacement Gyroscope
  • DN-104 Directisyn
  • RG-227 Rate Gyro