Butler National Corporation Announces FAA Approved Replacement 2-inch Standby Altimeter and Attitude Indicator

*RVSM Standby Altimeter Fix and Attitude Indicator Replacement FAA Approved for Learjets*

NEW CENTURY, KANSAS, July 9, 2024 – Butler National Corporation (OTCQX: BUKS), a leading manufacturer and provider of support systems for commercial and military aircraft and a recognized provider of management services in the gaming industry, announces the issuance of a Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) Supplemental Type Certificate (“STC”) approval of a replacement 2-inch standby altimeter and separate standby attitude indicator into the Learjet Model 24, 24B/D/E/F, 25, 25B/C/D/F, 28, 29, 31, 31A, 35, 35A, C-21A, 36, 36A, 55, 55B, 55C and 60 airplanes.

The FAA STC approval, STC Number ST00138DE authorizes the replacement of either or both of the 2-inch standby altimeter or 2-inch standby attitude indicator installed in most legacy Learjet airplanes. The Avcon/Butler Avionics installation package and kit replaces the previously-installed standby equipment with the Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics MD23 2-inch Digital Counter Drum Encoding Altimeter and Attitude Indicator. 

Christopher Reedy, President and Chief Executive Officer of Butler National Corporation said, “Butler is pleased to have worked with Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics to offer the Learjet standby altimeter and standby attitude indicator replacement solutions. We have designed the retrofit installations to minimize customer impact and down time.  The replacement digital altimeter conveniently replaces most existing two-inch standby altimeters.” Mr. Reedy added, “Our avionics technicians have noticed a growing number of operating challenges with existing RVSM standby altimeters when performing the required continued airworthiness checks. The replacement standby altimeter is a quality and cost-effective replacement solution that provides the RVSM standby functionality.  Similarly, the MD23 2-inch digital attitude indicator provides a great looking LCD display replacement for the aging mechanical standby attitude indicator.  Butler Avionics plans to make available the digital standby altimeter and standby attitude indicator STC packages with installation drawings to avionics shops for support installation worldwide.”

“Customers can cost-effectively install our 2-inch digital attitude indicator and altimeter in their aircraft. In most installations, there’s no need to cut the panel and minimal bus or wiring change is required,” said Van Winter, Vice President of Marketing and Aftermarket Sales. “This upgrade is a great, modern addition to the cockpit, providing smooth, high-resolution graphics and advanced functionality.”

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Butler National Corporation operates in the Aerospace and Professional Services business segments. The Aerospace Products segment includes the manufacture, sale and service of electronic equipment and modifications to aircraft structures and electrical systems to support special mission and commercial aviation operations. Additionally, we operate two Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) Repair Stations. Butler National companies, Avcon Industries, Inc. and Butler Avionics, Inc. concentrate on enhancements to Learjet, Beechcraft King Air, Cessna Caravan, Gulfstream, and other turbine powered aircraft.  Butler National-Tempe designs and manufactures robust electronic controls and cabling. The Professional Services segment includes the management of a gaming and the related dining and entertainment facility in Dodge City, Kansas. Boot Hill Casino and Resort features approximately 500 slot machines, 16 table games and a DraftKings branded sportsbook. 

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