AVCON Secures FAA Approval for King Air With Extended Nose Bay and ‘Whale Pod’


Butler National subsidiary Avcon Industries, Inc. obtained FAA STC Approval of the King Air Model B300 with the Avcon Extended Nose Bay and Aerodynamically Enhanced Super-sized Under-fuselage Mounted Pod

New Century, Kansas, October 31, 2023 – Butler National Corporation (OTCQB: BUKS), a leader in the growing global market for specialized aircraft structural modification, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) and a recognized provider of gaming management services, announces that its subsidiary, Avcon Industries, Inc., obtained Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval of the Avcon nose extension and the Avcon extra-large “Whale Pod” modifications in the King Air Model B300 Airplanes.

Avcon obtained STC SA04581CH for the installation of the Avcon extended nose and the Avcon “Whale Pod” on the King Air Model B300.  The two modifications, that are FAA approved to be simultaneously installed, provide approximately 80 cubic feet of additional space in the fuselage-mounted pod, which space may accommodate sensors/cameras/radars with a swept volume of up to 57 inches in diameter.  The Avcon extended nose may allow installation of up to a 20-inch camera or EO/IR sensor. 

“The ‘Whale Pod’ is uniquely designed by the Avcon aerospace engineers to minimize drag and maximize available space for King Air Operators.” Commented Chris Reedy, President and CEO of Butler National Corporation.  “Similarly, the Avcon King Air Nose Extension creates new usable space for many different applications.  I strongly encourage operators to view the two new products on the Avcon Industries website.”  Added Chris Reedy.

“From an operator and airplane handling perspective, I have several hours flight testing the ‘Whale Pod’ with the extended nose. Avcon has succeeded with optimizing the ‘Whale Pod’ shape for aerodynamic performance.  The addition of the nose extension with the Avcon ‘Whale Pod” installed on the King Air 350 handles nicely,” remarked Marcus Abendroth, President of Avcon and company test pilot.   

The standard Avcon ‘Whale Pod’ has a catalog price of $325,000. The Avcon King Air nose extension has a starting price of $425,000.

“Avcon continues to enhance and grow the utility of airplanes for special missions, among other commercial operations.  Avcon has many additional options that enhance the utilization of the Avcon extended nose and “Whale Pod” for the King Air B300,” commented Aric Peters, Director of Sales.  Peters added, “The Avcon lift mechanism for the extended nose and the ‘Whale Pod’ is designed for generic functionality, to include retraction and extension of lights, cameras, mapping devices, sensors, among other items used for special mission operations.  The ‘Whale Pod’ is also capable of incorporating a drop hatch and camera port configurations.  Options like camera ports and lift-mechanism pricing are in addition to the catalog pricing noted for the Avcon extended nose or ‘Whale Pod’.”


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