The avionics segment has had various agreements with Douglas, McDonnell Douglas, and Boeing Long Beach to manufacture and repair airborne switching units for Boeing McDonnell Douglas and its customers. Switching units are used to switch the presentation to the flight crew from one radio system to another, from one navigational system to another and to switch instruments in the aircraft.

Avionics provides design, manufacturing, build-to-print, installation, repair and overhaul, and certification of aviation-related parts.

Butler National Corporation Avionics manufacturing plant in Tempe has both military and FAA manufacturing and repair certifications. (Mil 1-45208A, FAA Parts Manufacturing Authority, and FAA Repair Station # WTVR470K). Butler National’s Olathe (New Century) facility is also a repair station (FAA Repair Station CRS#TF2R185L).

Butler National consolidated its Arkansas and Kansas City design and manufacturing facilities in Phoenix, Arizona in 1996. This facility retains our commitment to quality production practices consistent with our aerospace heritage. With military and FAA manufacturing and repair certifications, we continue to emphasize quality products suited to demanding environments in aerospace, military, and commercial applications. In 2009, we acquired Kings Avionics Inc, now Butler Avionics, Inc. at the New Century Airport near Kansas City. With this addition, we have added significant installation and systems integration capability.

Our design through finished product philosophy is one of the key elements to our flexibility, responsiveness, and quality control assurance. All phases of the production process are managed and performed in our facility. From idea to circuit board design to component selection, procurement, wave soldering, and assembly - we maintain complete product integrity.

Our customer base includes, major airlines throughout the world, the United States and most western governments, avionics OEMs, ISR operators,and scores of the leading commercial and governmental enterprises around the world.

For information regarding Legacy JET Autopilot services, please see the Butler Avionics, Inc. website.

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